Data is King

To say technology drives our business is an understatement. Data feeds, which push our boat advertisements to major classified websites, are a primary reason our marketing is second to none. These "feeds" are actually files that we send off automatically every day. To some websites, we send updates as often as every seven minutes!

What does that mean for you? This means your advertisement shows up error-free and lightning fast. In other words, within one day after listing, your boat will be showing on more than 160 websites. There is no faster way to accomplish this.

Your boat can be in front of tens of thousands of boat buyers as quickly as tomorrow. If priced competitively, your boat should sell quickly.

It's Not Just
About Speed

Detailed information and photos for all our listings are digitally shot through - on a daily basis - to 166 boating and classifieds websites including,, Facebook,, and many more.

But it's still not just about feeds. When you are manually creating an advertisement on a website, it's time-consuming so you're likely to cut corners. You'll end up uploading less photos, writing a shorter description, and filling in less specifications and features. Since we create the advertisement once and it automatically loads to 160 websites, we spend our time getting it right. And the difference shows!

This may seem like a bunch of geek-speak. To be honest, it is all a bit geeky. But that doesn't make it un-important. Here's what you need to know - out of 4,400+ brokerage companies in the US, we sell more boats than all of them and this is the primary reason why. If other brokers could do this, they might actually have a sporting chance ;)

160+ Websites

Our advertisement for your boat will show on more than 160 websites. And it will happen quick!

No Upfront Fees

We're so confident that we can sell your boat, we don't charge anything for our listing services. If your sell it on your own before we can find a buyer, we don't charge a dime.

Increased Views

All of this advertising means thousands more buyers will see your boat than advertising any other way. If there is a buyer out there looking for a boat like yours, we WILL get their attention.

A Few of
the Big Fish
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you

What about the other 160 websites? Which ones do you advertise on? The websites we choose to advertise with is a valuable commodity. As we stated above, this is the biggest advantage we have over our competitors. This list (if it got out) would be too valuable to our competition. For that reason, we don't release it.

But we can tell you that we advertise on all of the websites listed above. Most sellers simply want to know if their boat will show up on, and a few other big ones. The answer to this is absolutely "yes".

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